Our busses

Our busses are modern and most likely the best and newest busses in the country. Here you have the opportunity to see pictures and read about them.
Bus nr. 22

This is a bus from 2015 with a lift for wheelchairs.

Brand: Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Year: 2015
Passengers: Seats 19+1

Bus nr. 23

Brand: Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Year: 07-2014
Passengers: Seats 18+1


Bus nr. 24

Brand: Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Year: 06/2014
Passengers: Seats 18+1

Bus nr. 25

Brand: Volvo 9713
Year: 2012
Passengers: Seats 44+1

Bus nr. 26

Brand: Volvo 8900
Year: 2018
Passengers: 49+2

Bus nr. 28

This is a luxurybus from 2019.
bus 28, hk.fo,

Brand: Volvo 9900
Year: 2019
Passengers: Seats 53+1

Bus nr. 29

Yet another luxurybus, but this Volvo 9700 is from year 2015.

Brand: Volvo 9700
Year: 2015
Passengers: Seats 55+1
Equipment: Panoramaseat, 230v at all seats, toilet, coffee machine, sausage cooker, 3 refridgerators, tv’s, aircondition and more.

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